the best Minecraft Datapack IDE in existence

You deserve better

The current state of datapack development is not good. Most novice to mid-level programmers use Notepad++ which, while not bad, is very rudimentary. We aim to fix that. Our goal is to create an extensible, user-friendly and lightweight IDE that packs all of and only what you need as a datapack creator.

Stonecutter is an all-in-one .json and .mcfunction editor, including syntax highlighting, formatting, linting and debugging for both formats. It is also very customizable, as you can tinker with everything, from colorschemes to settings to even changes in source code.

Give in to the temptation

Installing Stonecutter on your machine is easy as pie. If you're a Windows or macOS user, simply download the latest release package from our releases page.

If you're a Linux user, a Flatpak is available over at Flathub. If you don't have Flatpak or don't know how to install apps from it, please consult Flatpak's docs.

Furthermore, if you'd like to build the program directly from git head, here's what you need to do:

# Clone the repository
$ git clone
$ cd stonecutter-electron
# Install dependencies
$ npm install
# Build the app
$ npm run dist
# Open your app
$ open dist/Stonecutter-0.1.0.dmg # on macOS
$ dist/Stonecutter-0.1.0.AppImage # on Linux
$ "dist/Stonecutter Setup 0.1.0.exe" # on Windows

NOTE: macOS and Windows releases have auto-updates on by default, while Flatpak and git head have it disabled. This can always be changed in Settings, though we highly discourage enabling it on Linux where it can severely break Flatpak. Enabling auto-updates will require the application to connect to the Internet.


Copyright (c) 2021 3174N & SFR

We strongly believe in and endorse the open source community, and as such, Stonecutter is hosted on GitHub and is licensed under the MIT permissive license. Simply put, we grant you the right to freely mod, fork, change, give, sell and repackage this application, as long as you provide proper credit. Go nuts.

Get some help

Got stuck? Need help? The official documentation for Stonecutter is hosted here. If you've encountered a bug, please check the issues page to see if we know of it, and if not, file a bug report!